• Indoor Cycling

    strength, stamina, power
    Indoor CyclingA vigorous cardio class without comparison. This class uses a specialized stationary bike in a group exercise setting; perfect for any fitness enthusiast, recreational cyclist or serious racer.
    • Maria


    relax, detoxification
    MIND / BODYGet your Mind and Body right with our Cardio Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Flexibility, Yoga Flow and Pilates Mat.
    • Mark

    • Linda

  • Strength / Cardio

    cardiovascular fitness
    Strength / CardioYou can't have one without the other. Utilize strength training to burn the best of your body's energy stores for proper muscle fuel. Finish with Cardio once your energy stores are depleted to get in the fat burning zone!

    water workout
    AQUAMOTIONAn invigorating water workout, which includes cardiovascular conditioning, upper and lower body muscle toning, and yoga stretches. Perfect for all fitness levels, those with back or knee injuries, and pre/post natal women. No swimming skills required.

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