• Food Sequencing: The Order in Which you Eat Matters

    Food Sequencing: The Order in Which you Eat Matters

    To make sure that you get the most out of your food, you will have to be aware of the order in which you consume it. This may seem rather strange, but the theory is quite simple. The gastrointestinal tract is unable to digest more than one type of food at a time and some foods digest faster than others. In order to hasten up and aid the digestion process, you should eat foods with simple sugars first and then dig into a hearty meal.

    Always eat fruits on an empty stomach

    Fruits are full of micro nutrients and they taste great. In order to get the most out of these little treasure chests of vitamins eat them before a meal or better yet, first thing in the morning. If eaten after heavy starches and protein, they will have to wait their turn to digest. During this period the fruit will actually ferment and this can lead to gastric issues

    Controlling your Blood Sugar

    To truly test if order matters, a study was carried out in which individual had two identical meals. The only thing that varied was what they ate first. One week they started of with protein and veggies and the next week they began by eating carbs. When vegetables and proteins were eaten first, the participant’s blood sugar levels was about 29 per cent lower as compared to when they ate the carbs first. This is primarily important for those struggling with diabetes, but it can help everyone. A spike in blood sugar can make anyone feel more groggy and fatigued. Although many restaurants begin by serving warm buttery, try indulging in some carbs after you have already eaten your veggies and protein.

    Foods to avoid on an empty stomach

    When there is no food in your stomach it is more sensitive to what you consume. Try avoiding acidic food on an empty since they are likely to cause acid reflux. Even though you are using Van Rental in Los Angeles ,we are taught to begin our day with some coffee or yogurt, the acid in them can harm you. Although a food might be considered healthy, it still has the potential to damage your intestinal tract if eaten at the wrong time.

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