• How to Reset After All the Holiday Treats

    How to Reset After All the Holiday Treats

    Don’t Panic! The extra pudge is just temporary and the bloating will go away. Especially if you follow our tips.

    1. Hydrate-Chances are you have had far too much sodium and water is what will counteract it. Water also supports a healthy metabolism and decreases bloating. If chugging water is too monotonous for you, try switching it up. Add fruits to flavor or make yourself some tea, just make sure to limit the artificial flavors and sugar.
    2. Focus of Fiber and Protein– These foods satiate hunger and prevent you from filling up on empty calories and simple sugars. Bonus points if you start your day off with these nutrients, since it will curve your hunger for the entire day.
    3. Weights- Many people’s first instinct is to hit to treadmill and burn off the extra calories. On the contrary you should take advantage of the extra energy in your body. Weight lifting burns more calories and you may find that the additional fuel allows you to lift more than usual.
    4. Don’t deprive yourself– If you punish yourself by starving, you are going to create a terrible cycle of binging and starving. Rather, eat when you are hungry and listen to your body.
    5. Drink warm lemon water – On an empty stomach drink some hot lemon water. This simple yet powerful concoction will help detoxify your body and kickstart your metabolism. It is also a great means of hydration since it is full of electrolytes.  

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