• Small Changes that will Improve your Health this Year

    Small Changes that will Improve your Health this Year

    Eat with No Distraction

    Simply practicing mindful eating will significantly affect your calorie intake. We often chow down food while distracted by our favorite sitcom, unaware of how much we have actually consumed. When you focus on eating you will be truly satisfied by your food and therefore need less.

    Reorganize your Pantry

    The reason we often go for a bag of chips or candy bar is because it is easy and satisfying. Take advantage of your laziness and place the junk food in a hard to reach place. The extra time it takes for you to grab a snack, gives you a enough time to contemplate if it is really worth it. Chances are you won’t want to move a chair to reach your guilty pleasure.

    Find Healthy Versions of your Favorite Treat

    If you are craving a soda perhaps opt for a la croix or a zevia. Cauliflower crust instead of typical bread will help you cut out a few calories and carbs. Instead of a candybar grab a protein bar that will fuel your body.

    Eat your Veggies First

    Vegetables are  low calorie and nutritious, so you definitely want to get as many in as possible. If you fill yourself up with veggies you won’t have much space for unhealthy food.

    Switch Over to Black Coffee

    Coffee has a plethora of health benefits- it has antioxidants and it jump starts your metabolism, but this is easily outweighed by the cream and sugar people pile into it. Gradually shift over to black coffee so that you avoid the unnecessary fat and sugar.

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