• Stay Fit This Holiday Season

    Stay Fit This Holiday Season

    1.Workout in the Morning

    With holiday parties and gatherings, you never know what the day will bring. Ensure that you have no excuse to skip the gym, by coming in first thing.

    2.Beware of leftovers

    While everyone is over, and the table is set with delicious foods that the holidays bring, enjoy it! When your guest leave, make sure the sugary food does too. You do not want to be tempted by the leftover pie lingering in your fridge.

    3.Avoid showing up to the party with an empty stomach

    The combination of a big appetite and loads of enticing food is lethal. Try filling up on some whole foods before getting to your holiday festivity. You portions of treats will automatically become smaller. This way you can still be apart of the fun, without suffering a setback.

    4.Don’t be too hard on yourself

    Do not dwell on the cookie you ate or the eggnog you drank. It is the holiday season and you deserve to indulge. Just remember- everything in moderation.

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