1. The Two More Reps Rule

The perfect weight for you is the one that allows you to correctly do two less reps than a full set. If you are doing a set of 12 and at 10 your muscles begin to give out, then you have found your ideal weights. Make sure that as you build muscle and strength you adjust your weight and reps accordingly.

2. Check Yourself Out

Surprisingly those gym mirrors are not just there for you to take gym pics. Rather, while you are working out, look in the mirror to make sure that you have good form. If this isn’t feasible, try recording yourself.

3. Develop Muscle Memory

When you first start doing a workout, you will have to train your mind and body. Be conscience of what muscles you are flexing and focusing on. In time the movements will become natural, for now stay focused.

4. Rest Days

Rest days are crucial for your muscles to rebuild themselves. If you are constantly working out your arms, then they will have no opportunity to develop. Each day focus on a different muscle group and throw a rest in each week.

5. Always Stretch

There is nothing worse than finishing a workout and waking up the next morning in pain. By stretching and using Van Rental in Los Angeles , and Van Rentals in Orange County, you will prevent yourself from pulling a muscle and it will limit muscle soreness.

Now you are fully equipped to get off that cardio machine and venture off into the weights section of the gym.